What is Fotojatka?

A small travelling festival that has been projecting great photos on screens in Czech cinemas, clubs and cafés since 2007.

An evening of screenings of some of the best world and Czech creative and documentary photography has to offer, balancing somewhere between lecture, standup comedy, improvised embarrassment and solving sudden technical problems.

Fotojatka is for everyone with even a passing interest in art. You certainly don't have to be a photographer or a regular gallery-goer to appreciate the photographs you'll see at the festival.

We screen what an art historian will appreciate, but what your mom will understand as well (even if she is not an art historian). 

We show portraits, concepts, documentaries and humour – but each time from a different perspective than you're used to.
This twelfth edition will often offer a comparison of works that share similar topics but differ in authors' approaches: two different photographers of unusual street situations, two photographers dealing with the relationship between man and nature, two artists whose theme is human intimacy. Apart from these, the screenings will also offer a bird's eye view of the Czech Republic, absurd yet philosophical scenes carefully arranged in the studio, or a look into the album of an ordinary family during the normalisation period.

For the fourth time, the festival is held completely with no budget – without money, grants or sponsors. The authors and organisers have waived their fees and what you pay in admission will go to Doctors Without Borders after covering the costs of the cinema operators.

Tell your friends about us, share us on Facebook – and most importantly, come and see Fotojatka for yourself!

When and where?

In the autumn of 2023 there will be a small series of The Echoes of Fotojatka. The programme will be similar to the main events (April/May), but it will be screened in cafes and clubs and not in cinemas, it does not include personal participation of the authors.

1. 10.


free entry
the projection will be a part of
Foto Fest Plzeň in Papírna café

20. 10.

Bar/ák Florenc

free entry
projection evening in a café


Matice Café

free entry
exact date yet to be specified

time to the screening in Plzeň

What does it look like?

Something like this.

A brief history

The Fotojatka festival was founded in 2007 in České Budějovice, based on an idea of biologist and photographer Martin Šálek, and in its first year it presented mainly local artists. From the second year onwards, however, it began to focus on creative and documentary photography from the Czech Republic as well as the rest of the world, and expanded its scope to Brno and Prague, with screenings in many other cities in the form of festival echoes.

Despite its strange name ('jatka' means 'slaughterhouse' in Czech) the festival has never screened photographs containing violence, nor did it go too underground or incomprehensible – its principle was to select photographs that, even without unnecessary descriptions, would appeal to a wide audience and yet their quality and originality were beyond the mainstream. 

The fundamental difference between Fotojatka and other photo festivals is the form of presentation of the photographs: instead of exhibitions, the photographic series are projected on a film screen, with carefully selected music or soundtrack that enhances the emotional effect of the projected images. Each screening is preceded by an introduction, but the screening itself is without commentaryWe produce the slideshows ourselves in collaboration with the authors, so you won't see them anywhere else but Fotojatka.
Eight editions of Fotojatka took place between 2007 and 2014, during which the festival presented the work of almost a hundred artists (and 140 to date). The list includes a number of important Czech photographers (Antonín Kratochvíl, Jindřich Štreit, Jiří Stach, Jiří Hanke, Jan Zatorsky, Dana Kyndrová, Vladimír Birgus, Michael Hanke...) as well as some of the most renowned international names in documentary and creative photography (Anders Petersen, Erwin Olaf, Michael Ackerman, Sergey Maximishin, Nikos Economopoulos, Vanessa Winship, Chema Madoz, Vivanne Sassen...), yet Fotojatka also tries to introduce the audience to interesting works by less known or younger artists, often winners of prestigious world competitions (International Photo Award, World Press Photo...).

Since 2017, the festival has been held with zero budget – without money, without grants and without sponsors. All authors lend their work to be projected at the festival without being paid any fee, the organizers work for free and all promotion is designed to be cost-free. From 2020–2022, Fotojatka festival has taken a covid break to take a deep breath and introduce new series to the audience in 2023.

All admission fees collected will be split between the screening room operators to cover their costs and Doctors Without Borders.

Previous years' artists

Since 2007, dozens of world renowned artists as well as emerging talents have taken part in the festival. Some came to meet the audience in person, other were kind enough to lend us their work for projections. This is the complete list of the participants (in chronological, descending order – from the newest to the oldest event). Names of the artists who agreed to have their slideshows published online are clickable and will lead you to videos with their slideshows.

Barbara Peacock

Magdalena Wywrot

Nikita Teryoshin

Peter Korček

Denis Cherim

Anonymous family photos, Czechoslovakia 1968–1984

Jan Holkup

Anthimos Ntagkas

Frank Kunert

Filip Machač

Dan Materna

Marna Clarke

Nadav Kander


Libuše Jarcovjáková

Tavepong Pratoomwong

Lukáš Tofan

Filip Singer

Fabricio Brambatti

Luca Zanier

Suzanne Moxhay

Alain Laboile

Soňa Maletz

Andrew Moore

Dana Kyndrová

Daniel Hušták

Igor Pisuk

Kamila Berndorffová

Lisa Krantz

Marja Pirilä

Md. Enamul Kabir

Michael Hanke

Oto Sládek

Susana Blasco

Vladimír Birgus

Viviane Sassen

Danila Tkachenko

Benoit Paillé

Sadegh Souri

Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti

Tamás Hajdu

Tomáš Chadim

Asger Carlsen

Robbie Augspurger

Michaela Spurná

Jaroslav Kučera

Pep Ventosa

Katrina Kepule

Jan Pohribný

The archive of the former communist secret police of Czechoslovakia

Tamas Dezso

Jean Michel Fauquet

Ibra Ibrahimovič

Dorothée Smith

Mike Brodie

Paolo Patrizi

Peter Dench

Peter Bialobrzeski

David Gibson

Klaus Pichler:
One Third

Elena Chernyshova

Chris Jordan

Jiří Hanke

Alexander Gronsky

Nick Veasey

Sergey Maximishin

Johann Ryno De Wet

Tomasz Tomaszewski

Jan Langer

Matt Stuart

Akos Czigany:
Skies (version 1)
Skies (version 2)

Donald Weber

Cecylia Malik

Jiří Turek

Erwin Olaf

Jiří Stach

Nikos Economopoulos

Lynne Cohen

Grzegorz Klatka

Lina Németh

Reiner Riedler

Maciej Dakowicz

Kristoffer Axén

Daniel Šperl

Geoffrey H. Short

Nils Jorgensen

Salim Issa / Štěpánka Stein

Iren Stehli

Václav Jirásek

František Dostál

Anders Petersen

Bára Prášilová

Vanessa Winship

Bill McCullough

Gohar Dashti

Jan Jedlička


Tommaso Ausili

Věra Stuchelová

Kitra Cahana

Rafal Milach

Ilkka Halso

Antonín Kratochvíl

Chema Madoz

Mitra Tabrizian

Michal Novotný

Anja Jensen

Evžen Sobek

Christopher Herwig

Tomki Němec

Jean-Marc Caracci

Pavel Maria Smejkal

Sergej Prokudin-Gorskij

Jean Revillard

Miro Švolík

Bohdan Holomíček

Michal Macků:
Carbon prints

Michael Ackerman

Zoltán Vancsó

Michał Szlaga

Barbora Kuklíková

Jan Zatorsky

Marcin Stawiarz

Tomáš Pospěch:
An Aimless Walk
Look at the Future

Jean Revillard

Elina Brotherus

Lenka Pužmanová

Jan Hodač

Soňa Goldová

Milan Krištůfek

Jindřich Štreit

Rafal Milach

David Boukal

Martin Kollár

František Nárovec

Pavel Černý

Barbora Krejčová

Milan David

František Weyda

Kamila Musilová

Tereza Vlčková

Petr Willert

Martina Mládková

Radka Doležalová

Jan Mahr

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Fotojatka is organized by Jan Flaška, who communicates with the authors, produces their slideshow, does all the graphics and web, presents the evening and takes care of all the organizational and technical matters around the festival. So for anything, please contact him.

His email is flaska at email dot cz, phone +420 777 637 108.

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