Fotojatka in české budějovice
met with great success

The last, main part of the festival (April 8.-11., 2010) exceeded the expectations of the organizers, who hope that it exceeded the expectations of the audience as well :)

On Thursday, Kvelb Theatre helped to creat the atmosphere with a large, old haystack wagon, crammed to the top with chairs, sofas and armchairs which were unloaded at every screening spot in the town centre for the audience's greater comfort.

Lada the teamaker from Dobrá čajovna (The Good Tearoom) joined us with his movable cyclotearoom and handed out excellent free tea and fresh pastry to crunch during the screenings.

Our special thanks goes to the weather that showed off and managed to stay fine till late night hours.

Friday's screening night filled Bazilika with a great number of photo-lovers, the presented Honza Flaška welcomed the Swiss WPP winner Jean Revillard, documentarist Evžen Sobek as well as the unplanned "stand-in" of Chema Madoz - Miro Švolík, else the art curator of Bazilika gallery and one of the Saturday's workshops supervisors.

Saturday's workshops were full. They took place in U Beránka house, where Jean Revillard with David Boukal's excellent translation showed the spectators his way of working and, to the surprise of everyone including the organizers, started to talk about the expected topic: Motion. The topic wasn't about taking pictures of moving stuff, but about making the static photography "move" in multimedia presentations, slideshows and podcasts. This unexpected topic and interesting information about the latest trends were, in the end, a much more suitable alternative, regarding how Fotojatka's idea of showing photography in cinemas.

We also want to thank David Veis and the staff of the café for excellent free toasts and great coffee!

Miro Švolík's workshop took place in Solnice. The Slovakia-born photographer showed people his way of work and then let them make their own arranged stills.

For Sunday morning, a workshop for kids was prepared - the youngest photographers (and often, their parents, too) could learn – thanks to Michal Kalista and Barbora Čepičková – that taking pictures is not the same as point-and-shoot.

The authors of the photos are Ondřej Brynych (his web is here), Josef Štěpán and Marie Petříková - thanks a lot!


Anja Jensen slideshow is now on YouTube

Anja Jensen asked us to put her Fotojatka slideshow on YouTube, so we did – watch it here. Of course, in the darkness of a cinema the creepy atmosphere stands out much more than in a small window of your computer screen, so do not hesitate to come to any of the planned Fotojatka Echoes to see it on the big screen.


an opportunity for photographers

Marcelino Botína fundation offers grants and organizes worshops for visual artists who focus on experimental and multimedia art (instalation, photography, video etc.).

Grants may be received by individual artist between 23 and 40 years, without regards to their nationality.

See for more information and grant terms here >>

Deadline for the workshop application is 16/04/2010 , deadline for the grant applications is 07/05/2010.

You may contact the manager of the festival Fotojatka, Barbora Čepičková, if you need help with the grant application submitting.


night outdoor screening
on Thursday, April 8th in české Budějovice

A small screening walk through the town centre which will present not only the best of the previous years, but also photographs by local authors - photoamateurs as well as several slideshows by renowned authors that didn't fit into the main festival nights.

Where will the screenings take place?

8.00–9.00 PM / Černá věž (Black Tower) from Dobrá čajovna side
9.00–10.00 PM / the wall on the Malše quay
10.00–11.00 PM / the wall next to Hladový vokno near Piaristické square

As this is a movable event, the screenings will actually take shorter time than an hour; also, the times are not strict, they're here just for your orientation.


who is going to come to Budějovice?
plus a few more details...


Jean Revillard
Evžen Sobek
Tomki Němec
Miro Švolík
Jan Hubička (to talk about Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky)

In case of bad weather on Thursday night, the open-air screening will move to the house U Beránka in Krajinská ulice. On Saturday evening, the same place will host a bonfire so if you prefer the smell of roasted sausages to the great music of Smutný Karel, who play in Solnice, come to the house U Beránka.


Fotojatka was in prague...

...on March 26th, 2010. The seats of Aero Cinema once again invited more visitors than the previous years and we were happy to meet the following authors: Pavel Maria Smejkal, Tomki Němec and Jan Hubička from Muzeum Šechtl-Voseček came to talk about the historical photography by Sergey Prokudin-Gorski.

Sadly, we haven't got any good photos from Prague, so you'll have to make do with the following four:


watch the festival spot!
short version

festival spot (Director's cut)

Both versions were made by Dan Bartoš ( - thanks a lot, Dan!


we're done with brno :-)

Fotojatka in Brno, which consisted from the screening night in Art Cinema and Impulzzz workshop in Brno streets and in Moravian Gallery, took place in 19th and 20th of March – and we're happy to say that it was a success. Art Cinema experienced more than a full house throughout the evening.

We believe that both Prague and Budějovice will attract at least the same number of good photography lovers – come to see some of the world's best creative photography to Aero Cinema in Prague on March 26th and to Bazilika in České Budějovice on April 9th!

Pictures from the screening night by Marián Kábele from server:

More pictures from other authors:


details of Budějovice programme

Finally, we know what is going to happen in April at Fotojatka in Budějovice (above all what is going to happen at the workshops with Jean Revillard and Miro Švolíkem) a na kolik vás to přijde:

8. 4. / open-air screening – free, of course
9. 4. / photo projection night 100/80 Kč
10. 4. / workshops – in advance 100/80 Kč, on the spot 120/100 Kč, with a ticket from Friday night 30/20 Kč. Jean Revillard will organize the workshop at the house U Beránka in Krajinská , Miro Švolík's workshop will take place in v c. k. Solnice.
11. 4. / workshops for children in Solnice - free

If you want to take part in Jean Revillard's or Miro Švolík's workshops, please book a place with Barbora Čepičkov8 (bara.cepickova (at) email (dot) cz, mobil 776 325 440). The number of participants in the workshops is limited!

From now on, you can buy tickets for Fotojatka in České Budějovice in Bazilika (Pražská steet, IGY building)


FOTOJATKa echoes in KOŠICe
/ thursday, February 25th, 2010

At the end of February, Fotojatka crossed the border of the Czech Republic to present the best of its existence in Košice in Východoslovenská galéria Košice, Hlavná 27.

Though the organizer was not very happy with the photographic documentation which can be seen below, the event received great feedback and the echoes of Fotojatka exceeded the expectations of both the audience and the gallery.


drink to fotojatka in SOLNICe or in MĚSÍC VE DNE!

Besides literary café Měsíc ve dne, where you can donate a small amount of money to Fotojatka by buying delicious hot wine, you can drop in at Solnice for an excellent, Fotojatka-friendly espresso. The price of the beverages is the same as usual, so we thank the owners of the cafés for their generosity and willingness to share a part of their income with us :-)

Moreover, Měsíc ve dne café hosts an exhibition of small funny photos by Jan Flaška; they are all for sale, so do not hesitate to buy them – the price is 9 Kč per photo and all money goes to Fotojatka. Sold photos will be replaced with new ones so don't be afraid to buy in large amounts :)