some evidence from previous events...

To whet your appetite while waiting for the next helping of great photography by some of the world's best authors, see how the festival looked like in Spring 2011:

České Budějovice

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fotojatka 2011 have a video spot

Fotojatka have a video spot. A big thanks to all of you who sent their photos as well as to those who posed for the spot! The author of the video and the music is Jan Flaška, graphics concept, the mascot and the logotype was made by Pintos - Milan Krištůfek.

Watch it!

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The list of authors is now complete

On the right hand side, you can see the list of some of the best and most extraordinary authors of the world that will take part in our festival. We are very proud that we can present their works to our audience.

Click on their pages to sneek peek what you're in for during the screening nights!

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we will screen your shots at Fotojatka

...cause we need them. For the Fotojatka 2011 video spot we need as many photographs of people holding a camera in front of their faces as possible.

No matter what camera, no matter what the quality of the photo is, the quantity is the word. The photographs, however, must fulfill the following:

  1. the picture must be a colour JPG of 2000 px at the longer side
  2. the camera should cover the face of the person in the picture
  3. no art, please, no special effects nor originality. It's possible that your great portrait will be unsuitable for our needs – we require common, stupid point-and-click shots
  4. the lens of the camera should be – if possible – right in the middle of the photo. If not, we will adjust it so that it is
  5. by sending the photo you agree with using it for the Fotojatka 2011 video spot and screening it at any Fotojatka event without any further demands
  6. take shots of your friends, family, co-workers – the more photos you send, the better chance to get free tickets!

For every stop of the festival (Brno, Praha, České Budějovice) we will draw a person to get free ticket for the screening night. Do not forget to tell us your name!

Send your photos to flaska (at) email (dot) cz.

We're looking forward to your submissions and you can look forward to the spot.

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Fotojatka 2011 in preparation

The terms for the forthcoming festival are as follows:

Preliminary terms for Fotojatka 2011 are:

Brno 18.–19. 3. 2011 / Art cinema

Praha 25. 3. 2011 / Aero cinema

České Budějovice 7.–10. 4. 2011 / Kotva cinema


The list of authors is now complete (February 21st, 2011).

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As there are no newer news, why not read some old news? Well, this news is from the previous year, but at least you can have a look at what the festival looked like back then.

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Fotojatka 2010 in české budějovice
were great success

The last, main part of the festival (April 8.-11., 2010) exceeded the expectations of the organizers, who hope that it exceeded the expectations of the audience as well :)

On Thursday, Kvelb Theatre helped to creat the atmosphere with a large, old haystack wagon, crammed to the top with chairs, sofas and armchairs which were unloaded at every screening spot in the town centre for the audience's greater comfort.

Lada the teamaker from Dobrá čajovna (The Good Tearoom) joined us with his movable cyclotearoom and handed out excellent free tea and fresh pastry to crunch during the screenings.

Our special thanks goes to the weather that showed off and managed to stay fine till late night hours.

Friday's screening night filled Bazilika with a great number of photo-lovers, the presented Honza Flaška welcomed the Swiss WPP winner Jean Revillard, documentarist Evžen Sobek as well as the unplanned "stand-in" of Chema Madoz - Miro Švolík, else the art curator of Bazilika gallery and one of the Saturday's workshops supervisors.

Saturday's workshops were full. They took place in U Beránka house, where Jean Revillard with David Boukal's excellent translation showed the spectators his way of working and, to the surprise of everyone including the organizers, started to talk about the expected topic: Motion. The topic wasn't about taking pictures of moving stuff, but about making the static photography "move" in multimedia presentations, slideshows and podcasts. This unexpected topic and interesting information about the latest trends were, in the end, a much more suitable alternative, regarding how Fotojatka's idea of showing photography in cinemas.

We also want to thank David Veis and the staff of the café for excellent free toasts and great coffee!

Miro Švolík's workshop took place in Solnice. The Slovakia-born photographer showed people his way of work and then let them make their own arranged stills.

For Sunday morning, a workshop for kids was prepared - the youngest photographers (and often, their parents, too) could learn – thanks to Michal Kalista and Barbora Čepičková – that taking pictures is not the same as point-and-shoot.

The authors of the photos are Ondřej Brynych (his web is here), Josef Štěpán and Marie Petříková - thanks a lot!