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16.–18. 3. 2012

30. 3. 2012

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12.–14. 4. 2012

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Fotojatka 2012 marathon is over – still, fotojatka continues...

The main programme of this year’s Fotojatka ended with three days of photographic festivities in its native town. What was the festival like in 2012?

On Friday 16th, the audience in Art cinema (Brno) greeted us with their usual warm welcome and filled the house to the top; people were sitting even on the stairs. About ten enthusiasts joined the weekend workshop focused on subjective documentary.They only had some 24 hours to shoot, select, adjust and present a compact series on the topic of one’s own personal space. We would like to thank David Maixner and David Mužík for organizing and supervising the event. You can find the results of the workshop here.

Prague’s Aero cinema with a reconstructed café was almost empty just before 7PM on Friday, March 30th. Apparently, the local audience likes to come late: during the first two slideshows, the seats became occupied and the cinema filled up with people.

The final part started in České Budějovice on Thursday, 12th of April. The ominous all-day cold rain threatened our evening open-air projections, but at 5PM the clouds vanished and clear sky and lukewarm air invited us and Kvelb Theatre’s rung-wheeled wooden tank to occupy two of the town’s squares – Mariánské and Piaristické – and screen some of the best slideshows from the previous years right on building facades. While our graphics designer Milan Krištůfek took the position of a lieutenant in the tank tower who preaches creative photography and manipulates the public, Jakub Lada Vavřina from The Good Tearoom gave out selected teas for free from his tea-cycle.

The packed Kotva cinema witnessed a great night of photographic slideshows; we were honoured to meet (among others) the Polish photographer Grzegorz Klatka in person.

On Saturday, Horká vana club invited everyone eager to try creative photography in real life – the workshop Impulzzz made the participants visualize topics like Titanic, Subject: public, Depressed little animals, The poetry of the Spring, A different landscape or Consumerism – all within two hours and the limits of the town centre. Have a look at a selection of the results:

The workshop was followed by two great lectures given by two great lecturers: Jan Pohribný and Tomáš Pospěch, both renowned photographers and theoreticians, teaching at the Institute of Creative Photography, a part of The Silesian University in Opava. Both lectures dealt with unusual approaches towards landscape photography – while Jan Pohribný focused on the more traditional side of the genre, Tomáš Pospěch spoke about coping with its clichés and conceptual landscape photography. The lecturers didn’t compete with each other – just the opposite, in about three hours they provided the audience with a brief, but comprehensive review of the approaches towards landscape in photography of the last two decades.

After the lectures, the attendants moved to the yard of the house U Beránka for a pig roasting. The hygienic limits set to us by the town hall officials (because of smoke etc.) made us use a rubber toy pig and several candles. Fortunately, a real bio-piglet from Pístiny was just being baked in the brick oven in the yard to please the tongues of the visitors with its extra tasty parts. Silent photo projections of the best of previous years was accompanied by lentil salad made by Jakub Vavřina according to his exclusive recipe.

The authors who appeared on Fotojatka in person included Jiří Stach, who surprised and entertained the spectators with his detailed description of the methods used for creating of his photographs, Lina Németh, talking about the circumstances of shooting her Arinella beach series, Daniel Šperl, who uncovered the background of some of his famous black-and-white shots and in Budějovice also opened an exhibition of his photographs from Japan. Besides that, during the Fotojatka month, we managed to turn him into a kitten lover so that he started to speculate that his next book will be "all kittens". Iren Stehli, while not present in person, joined us at least thanks to a (fake) "telebridge", while Grzegorz Klatka came from Poland alive and in a long debate he talked about the oddities of the Czech national character.

We were glad to have met enthusiastic audience in all of the cities and would like to thank all of you for coming to the festival. We would also love to thank all the authors who contributed their great works and have made Fotojatka what it is. The festival, however, doesn’t end – for the rest of the year, it will resonate in The Echoes of Fotojatka; the first Echoes took place on May 1st as a part of the student celebrations called Majales, next will appear in Pilsen to join Offstation, a photographic festival held in an abandoned train station. We’ll keep you informed about the forthcoming Echoes.

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fotojatka 2012 teaser is out!

This year we have – apart from the usual festival spot – also a film teaser to be screened in cinemas weeks before the festival. While the teaser uses orchestral music to accompany selected author's works, the festival spot will be used only at the festival night and uses an electronic "retro-style" version of the orchestral minipiece from the teaser and instead of the photos there will be a tiny story.

The animation was made and the music was composed by Jan Flaška, piglets were designed by Milan 'Pinta' Krištůfek.

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The list of authors is final

...and we really think it is as great as it is varied. Wow, just look at what these authors made and be amazed...

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press release

The final version of the press release is available here in Pressroom (Czech version in three different lengths, English version in the longest version only) plus an annotation / summary for your cinema programme or as an invitation on your website.

All documents are available in RTF format, readable in any text editor.

Get the English version here

Get the Czech version here

Get the annotation / summary here

In Pressroom, you can also download print-quality photos for the festival publicity.

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the dates

The main screening nights will, as usual, take place in the triangle of Brno–Prague–České Budějovice (Budweis) cities:

Brno / Art cinema (more >>)
Friday March 16th, 2012 / 19:00–22:30 / screening night
Saturday March 17th–Sunday March 18th, 2012 / photo workshop

Prague / Aero cinema (more >>)
Friday March 30th, 2012 / 19:00–22:30 / screening night

České Budějovice / town centre, Kotva cinema, Horká vana club, U Beránka house
(more >>)

Thursday April 12th, 2012 / 200:00–23:00 / outdoor screenings of the best slideshows from the previous years in the city centre
Friday April 13th, 2012 / 19:00–22:30 / screening night
Saturday April 14th, 2012 / 10:00–24:00 / Impulzzz photo workshop, lectures on approaches towards landscape photography by Jan Pohribný and Tomáš Pospěch, pig roasting with outdoor screening

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watch the slideshows from previous years!

The section Slideshows online offers you the opportunity to watch slideshows of many of the authors that participated in Fotojatka during the previous year - in HD on YouTube. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Have a look then...