photography screenings
(not only) in cinemas

festival of creative

16.–18. 3. 2012

30. 3. 2012

české budějovice
12.–14. 4. 2012


Erwin Olaf

The famous Dutch photographer, original, successful and provocative both in his commercial and personal work, will present three of his series: Fall, Grief and Hope. Staged images share a perfection in their meticulous staging and haunting atmosphere.


Jiří Stach

Solitary figure of Czech imaginative photography, a magician of objects and their meanings, an alchymist of photography, lover of the classical black and white technology.

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Nikos Economopoulos

This Greek member of Magnum agecy is fascinated by what he calls "Balkan paradox" – a specific way of thinking when people put all their hearts into their actions, but often behave with no rationality in the way it is understood by the rest of Europe. His photos come from Turkey, Greece, Albany and other Balkan countries.


Lynne Cohen

American-Canadian photographer is famous for her shots of unpopulated interiors – classrooms, offices, spas, laboratories, military training grounds. Simple depictions of spaces and combinations of objects (often visually striking, sometimes bizarre) show more information about their creators and their users than their portraits would.


Grzegorz Klatka

Polish photographer, who lived in the Czech Republic for several years, dedicated his series "By the way" to Czechs. He shows their faces behind steering wheels of their cars, on their way from somewhere to somewhere else...


Lina németh

The Czech author will present her series L'Arinella Beach and a selection of "landscape still-lifes", photos from the verge of nature and civilisation, images of objects ordinary, melancholic, bizarre...


Reinder Riedler

Fake Holidays by this Austrian author will take us to places where adventure and beauty are all fake – to places that are mirrors of our dreams of paradise, of thrill, of perfection...


Maciej Dakowicz

Polish photographer and Cardiff resident invites us into late night Cardiff streets when people return from clubs and pubs, drunk and riotous – like they return in every other town in every other corner of the world...

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Kristoffer Axén

Dark, introspective images of this Swedish author aim to address, in his word, "the mood of tranquility and apprehension that often goes together with the silent questions of self-inquisition that follows one through the waking hours, either it be consciously or unconsciously".

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Daniel Šperl

Czech documentary photographer invites us to watch "a reminder to us all that life holds magic and miracles in our everyday lives". His black and white photos, made during the past 15 years, follow the best tradition of humanistic documentary.

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Geoffrey H. Short

This young New Zealander's series is trying to convey the beauty and the horror of explosions as well as the connotations that come to our minds: fear, death, but also awe and fascination.

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Nils Jorgensen

Nils Jorgensen's images will surprise you with lively observations of funny, unusual or bizarre situations of everyday life not only in the streets.

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Salim Issa / Štěpánka stein

A tandem of well-known Czech photographers, whose work ranges from subjective documentary through portrait to fashion, design and architecture photography, ofter interconnects various and (in the given context) unusual photographic techniques and methods.

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Iren Stehli

During her studies in Prague, this Swiss-Czech author (*1953 Zurich) created a number of series documenting the life of ordinary people in socialism. She managed to capture the spirit of the time more precisely than most Czechoslovakian authors, who were then unable to compare their reality with the world outside.