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16.–18. 3. 2012

30. 3. 2012

české budějovice
12.–14. 4. 2012

brno / 16.–18. 3. 2012 / Art cinema

Slideshow night

start: Friday 16. 3. at 19:00 / entry: 140/120 Kč

The first of festival nights will, as usual, take place in Art cinema in Brno on Friday March 16th, followed by a two-day photographic workshop.

Workshop: personal space / Subjective documentary

start: Saturday 17. 3. at 10:00, end: Sunday 18. 3. at 17:00 / free, booking required (see below)

Two-day workshop under the supervision of two inexperienced lecturers in which we forget "how to take photos the right way" and focus on the result. All that is necessary is any gadget capable of recording images - DSLR, point-and-shoot camera, cell phone, pinhole... Because of time restrictions it is recommended to use digital equipment, but in case the participant is able to deliver scans, he or she can use an analogue camera. After the introductory lecture, every participant chooses his/her own line of creativity, his/her own concept on which his/her photographs will be based and delivered the next day. Personal space can be understood not only as a physical space, but also an interior space, one's own mental landscape. The results will be shown at and websites.

The plan:
Day one - participants meeting and getting to know each other, gifts to the organizers, lecture with a projection, briefing and a small exercise, time for individual work
Day two - photo editing and adjustments, arranging them into compact series, discussion

max. number of participants is 10, please book in advance at /

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Meanwhile, have a look at what was happening in Brno last year:

More documentation by Marián Kábele from Brnovinky:


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