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16.–18. 3. 2012

30. 3. 2012

české budějovice
12.–14. 4. 2012

PRAHA / 30. 3. 2012 / Aero cinema

slideshow night

start: Friday 30. 3. at 19:00 / entry: 140/120 Kč

In the capital, Fotojatka will take place on Friday, March 30th, in Aero cinema. Due to time and organizational reasons, we will not be able to organize the Impulzzz workshop on Friday (we're not from Prague, we're from České Budějovice and proud of it). If you care to organize something under our wings, tell us and we might come to a conclusion :-)

One of the participating authors at Fotojatka 2011, Bill McCullough, who came to Prague from Austin, Texas (USA), made a few shots in his inimitable style at the screening night:

From 2010, we only have four pictures – and really bad ones – so see some historic images from 2009 instead...

(praha/2010/, ./images//praha/2010/)

(praha/2009/, ./images//praha/2009/)

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