brno / 7. 3. / art

praha / 21. 3. / aero

č. budějovice / 10.-12. 4. / kotva

'Ibra Ibrahimovič: from the series Fragments of Northern Bohemia'

Peter Bialobrzeski: from the series Lost in Transition

Mike Brodie: from the series A period of juvenile prosperity

Peter Dench: from the series rainUK

Tamas Dezso: from the series Notes for an epilogue

Photo: Jean-Michel Fauquet

Photo: David Gibson

Paolo Patrizi: from the series Migrant Sex Workers

A photo from the archives of the secret State police of Czechoslovakia

'Jan Pohribný: from the series New Stone Age'

'Dorothée Smith: from the series Hear Us Marching Up Slowly'

Klaus Pichler: from the series One Third

Elena Chernyshova: from the series Days of Night, Nights of Day

Chris Jordan: from the series Midway: A message from the gyre

we've got a festival spot!

We had very little time and very little talent to make it, so it's as beautifully horrible as usual.

See it here.

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Feb 16th, 2014 / We've just learnt that Elena Chernyshova won third place at World Press Photo in Daily Life − Stories category for her series from Russian Norilsk, which we are going to present at this year's Fotojatka (in a slideshow made exclusively for the festival). Big congratulations!

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We're finishing the preparations
of this year's Fotojatka... a huuuuge overstatement though it's only a month and a bit till the start of the festival in Brno. However:

1) we know the dates. They are

Brno - Friday March 7th, 2014, Art cinema

Praha - Friday March 21st, 2014, Aero cinema

České Budějovice - Friday April 11th, Kotva cinema

2) several slideshows are ready and approved by the authors

3) we have ten authors so far, though we'd like to add one or two more

4) our designer, Milan Pinta Krištůfek, is busy making the materials for 2014. You can get a taste of this year's festival identity from this web, which is a compromise between Pinta's ideas, technical possibilities to make them alive and the lack of skills and time on the side of our webmaster, Jan Flaška

5) you can notice that the conjoining theme of this year's Fotojatka will be sport and spray; we just don't know how to join these two with our trademark kittens™

6) we're thinking about the festival video jingle. For such a jingle, one needs an idea, time, talent and technical skills, so now we only need an idea, time, talent and technical skills to make it

7) we're negotiating, negotiating and negotiating - with the authors, their presence at the festival, with authorities about our budget etc.

Hold your fingers crossed for us. And come.


To make the News section a bit longer, let's review the last year's Fotojatka. From here down it's not News, but Olds section then:

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české budějovice 2013 - all said and done

Just have a look at all the Fotojatka glory. No words needed, hopefully.

Thursday April 25th, 2013 / town centre

Friday april 26th, 2013 / kotva cinema

Saturday april 27th, 2013 / café slavie

Thanks to Zdeněk Rosenthaler, Lenka Pužmanová and Jan and Jiří Hodač for their photos.

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Fotojatka in Prague 2013

The Prague Fotojatka show took place on April 5th in Aero cinema – with Jiří Hanke, Cecylia Malik, Jan Langer and Akos Czigany joining us in person, only Jiří Turek didn't arrive.

It would be great if other audiences we've ever had took inspiration from the audience that night: the spectators were just great. Despite the problems of the cinema's technical equipment, caused by China and its products, most spectators endured several involuntary intermissions, several bad jokes of the presenter and nervous commotion of the organizers and technicians. They didn't give up until the end of the evening at 11:30 PM.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

PS: The authors loved the atmosphere, too.


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Fotojatka in Brno 2013

So. Fotojatka 2013 in Brno is over.

The Great Friday, March 29th, 2013 – the only date we could come from our hometown of České Budějovice to Brno – and the following Easter weekend was the reason that students fled the town, which resulted in a slightly less crowded cinema, though it was still almost full.

The authors who came in person were Jiří Hanke from Kladno, who discussed his work with the audience, and Jan Langer – however, Jan Langer came on Sunday to find in horror that Fotojatka had already taken place on Friday, so he turned around and went back home...

Thanks to the audience for coming – and for being great audience.

Photos are by Martin Šálek.